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About Us

Our Strategy

Our strategy to get us to
2026 and beyond.

We are committed to serving our clients, renters and community in a strategic and focused way. We have a Vision, Purpose and Values to get us to 2026 and beyond, and we hope you will join and support us.

Create social impact

Our work toward ending homelessness will focus on quality and targeted services and housing solutions, with a dedicated commitment to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to improve housing outcomes.

  • Improved housing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • House those people most in need, including those in immediate crisis.
  • Create a person-centred, inclusive culture.
  • Utilise data to drive continuous quality improvement.

Build financial sustainability

We will enhance income streams and assets to ensure long term financial sustainability.

  • Explore profit generating opportunities that align with our Vision.
  • Enhance philanthropic relationships.
  • Reduce reliance on government funding to deliver innovative services.

Drive creative housing solutions

We will challenge ourselves and others to deliver innovative housing solutions that maximise our impact.

  • Construct the most appropriate housing based on a sound understanding of the need.
  • Investigate alternative housing models and developments that house more people.
  • Develop a plan to achieve culturally safe housing and homelessness services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Use smart systems

We will use data and technology to inform our decision-making, improve our performance and transform our client experience.

  • Build our digital and tech capabilities.
  • Implement tech solutions to improve client access to our service.
  • Integrate our internal data collection and reporting systems.
  • Use data to inform and improve service offerings.

Focus on people

We will create an enabling and agile culture for our people and enhance our profile as an employer of choice.

  • Align the organisational structure to better support our people to fulfil our Purpose.
  • Develop a holistic framework that enables us to recruit, develop and retain high performing talent.
  • Establish partnerships that enable us to attract a diverse workforce.

Share our stories

We will share stories to acknowledge those with a lived experience of homelessness, to highlight its injustice and to advocate for better outcomes.

  • Leverage our data to highlight homelessness issues within our communities.
  • Advocate to all levels of Government for better resourcing and seek philanthropic funding.
  • Increase our broader community participation and leadership.
  • Find creative ways to better support those with lived experience of homelessness to share their stories.

Be environmental stewards

We will respond to the loss of biodiversity and the climate change emergency.

  • Commit to a position on climate change with a formal public statement.
  • Identify and implement targets for energy reduction.
  • Improve environmental sustainability for construction projects.
  • Work with our partners to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

Grow our service

We will strategically expand our asset base and service offering.

  • In-fill our footprint where we can have the biggest impact.
  • Optimise the leverage of our housing portfolio.
  • Seek operational efficiencies.
  • Use strategic partnerships to grow and enhance our service.