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At BeyondHousing our team is empowered, engaged, accountable and acknowledged for their contribution to our goals. This has been central to the successful delivery of our programs and services in a crisis period that changed the way we worked.

We transitioned staff to work from home during COVID-19 lockdowns and ensured staff who remained in the office could continue to work safely through a variety of physical distancing measures.

Our working arrangements when the COVID-19 pandemic started demonstrated we are a very adaptable and flexible organisation – both as a staffing group and in our systems and processes.

Since working remotely kicked off, we’ve been completing regular short 3 minute surveys with staff to seek feedback and find out how everyone is going, whether working from home or for those who needed to continue working from an office as required by their role.

During the early stages of the pandemic, a working from home plan was initiated, which included purchase of ICT devices to ensure staff were able to operate from home comfortably and in line with BeyondHousing’s WHS policy.

The pandemic has demonstrated that BeyondHousing’s ICT infrastructure has achieved its ambition of being an agile and mobile network. Staff continue to be provided with the essential business and communication tools to continue to provide a quality strategic and operational service.

Staff have received regular wellbeing updates and reminders as well as reminders about OHS and ergonomics when working from home and have been encouraged to utilise EAP for themselves and their families – particularly if experiencing significant changes during COVID-19.

What we have learnt from COVID-19:

Staff felt well supported by the organisation during the transition to working remotely.

Staff haven’t been scared of technology and are proud of how they’ve adapted to using new technologies and new ways of working so quickly.

There is a mixture of staff who like working remotely and those who are keen to get back to the office on a permanent basis. It has highlighted the need for us to consider more flexible ways of delivering our service to clients and tenants when things get back to 'normal'.

For a small number of staff whose roles were quieter, they were able to be redeployed and were keen to help their busier colleagues.

Staff felt positive about internal communication during the change. Communication was viewed to be consistent, timely, helpful, and reliable, telling them exactly what they needed to know.

We’ve regularly checked in with others to make sure they’re ok. This hasn’t been left to team leaders or managers - colleagues have been great at looking out for each other and collaborating whilst working further apart. Staff have been proactive in trying to stay connected socially in a virtual way, playing trivia, celebrating birthdays, and having virtual morning teas to welcome new staff members.

We have the right processes and support in place to support our team experiencing feelings of isolation and psychological stress.

Data Snapshot

Staff Satisfaction Survey

100% staff satisfaction with BeyondHousing as an employer (target 80%)

98% said that BeyondHousing places a high priority on the learning and development of its staff

We provide a safe working environment – 100% positive

We encourage and supports employee wellbeing and good work/life balance – 100% positive

98% of staff would recommend BeyondHousing as a good place to work

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