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PLWF Partnership

Up to 45 homes will be built and up to 100 people will have new safe, secure and affordable homes to live in each year, after a significant philanthropic investment in social housing construction was secured by BeyondHousing in November 2019.

We welcome the commitment by the Peter and Lyndy White Foundation to a long-term 10-million-dollar annual partnership that provides certainty in the supply of new community housing for vulnerable regional Victorians.

We are proud of the positive social impact this partnership will have for low income and disadvantaged regional Victorians and the communities we support. Everybody deserves a home, and we are a big step closer to achieving this in the Goulburn and Ovens Murray regions.

We know that we cannot solve homelessness alone, this partnership with the Peter and Lyndy White Foundation is a huge boost in our capacity to develop social housing for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in our region. This is an investment in social impact.

The funding commitment from the Peter and Lyndy White Foundation will give hundreds of people access to safe, secure and affordable housing, and provide an opportunity to thrive. This will change many lives and nurture the general wellbeing of whole communities.

Our challenge is to deliver affordable housing swiftly and efficiently, however working with local builders means we can not only deliver quality, tailored homes, but also generate economic prosperity in our communities.

Despite the challenges faced by our building partners and related services in the constructionindustry due to COVID-19 crisis restrictions and the impact of lock-down periods, we have pushed ahead with more than nine sites in the 2019-20 financial year.

Our Foundation has shifted its focus to be solely on the provision of social housing. Having undertaken some smaller projects with BeyondHousing we proceeded into further discussions about how we may partner in the future to achieve positive social outcomes. We are confident that they can deliver the scale of projects we were undertaking and understood the positive benefits the projects would provide to both the rural community and the local economy.

Ultimately, we hope to have people in safe and secure housing, something all Australians deserve. We hope that our collaboration with BeyondHousing will inspire other philanthropic organisations to undertake committed and long-term relationships with not for profits.

We believe there is a stigma around homelessness and if this year has taught us anything, it is that homelessness can affect people from all walks of life. We believe that in a country as wealthy as Australia, all people should have access to safe and affordable housing.

- Peter White, Director Peter & Lyndy White Foundation

With the number of single person and smaller family households consistently representing more than half of the 3,331 households supported by BeyondHousing’s homelessness services, the focus of the funding will be on the construction of one- and two-bedroom homes, including medium density developments.

We know that housebuilding is also a sure-fire way to promote growth - getting and keeping people into work while providing badly needed homes for low income households. Construction of community housing across our region at this scale will provide a boost the construction industry and support the growing number of regional Victorians at risk of homelessness, particularly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Since its inception in 2006, the Peter and Lyndy White Foundation has sought to enhance the quality of life of Victoria’s disadvantaged and vulnerable community members, in particular, the homeless, supporting them in making positive long-term changes in their lives.

BeyondHousing is grateful for the generous support offered by the Peter and Lyndy White Foundation and looks forward to an ongoing relationship to achieve more for people who are homeless or at risk.

"This is an act of outstanding generosity from the Peter and Lyndy White Foundation. Being a beneficiary of an ongoing philanthropic grant will allow BeyondHousing to take substantial action to respond to homelessness, we know this will provide life changing benefits for our community."

- Celia Adams, CEO

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