Building Resilient Communities

VPF Mitchell Shire Social Housing Project

Five of seven new homes in Seymour, Wallan and Broadford have been completed and are now being enjoyed by tenants. Built as part of the $3.1 million partnership between BeyondHousing, the Victorian Property Fund (VPF) and with support from Mitchell Shire Council, the homes are two of seven new homes to be constructed for people at risk of homelessness in Wallan, Broadford, and Seymour. A home in Seymour was the first to be completed late last year.

Mitchell Shire is already experiencing rapid population growth, with further extreme population growth forecast - increasing 190.32% from 2018 to 2041. With housing and homelessness client rates 8.42% greater than metropolitan Melbourne, the delivery of new social housing in Mitchell Shire will ensure rates do not worsen in future.

The homes in Wallan and Broadford were constructed by Sessions Builders, the home in Seymour was constructed by Metricon.

As a business employing many people locally and building locally, we are acutely aware of the challenges faced by many disadvantaged individuals and families in the region; increasing rental costs, the rising cost of living and the knowledge that for many, a single event can topple an otherwise stable household.

Metricon is thrilled to work in partnership with BeyondHousing to increase the supply of social and affordable housing in an efficient and cost-effectivemanner, reducingthe discrepancy between the number of homes and those who need them.

- Tania Tonks, Manager Regional North, Metricon

VPF 8-Star Homes Project

Two properties completed as part of a project to construct 8-star energy rated homes, have welcomed new tenants. The homes being built in Wodonga were made possible by funding secured from the Victorian Property Fund (VPF) to construct a total of four 2 and 3 bedroom properties in Wodonga, with the final two properties expected to be completed by the end of 2020. Each of the properties will meet an 8-star energy rating, a first for any social housing property in the Ovens Murray and Goulburn regions.

It is our goal to increase the amount of affordable housing properties that also address energy poverty. Our aim is to provide homes that are not only affordable to rent, but are affordable to live in.

One of the important ways we can do this is by reducing energy costs as we know the cost of heating and cooling a home has a significant impact on the household budget. The funding we have received from the Victorian Property Fund has allowed us to build properties that significantly reduce energy bills for our tenants.

Two of the properties will be home to women fleeing violence with children, with Wodonga in the top 17% of Victoria for incidences of Family Violence. BeyondHousing’s Wodonga office sees clients with the highest rate of family violence contributing to client homelessness in the Ovens Murray and Goulburn regions, with 21% of clients seeking support due to family violence.

Alatalo Bros have been working with BeyondHousing in the North East Victorian region for the past three years. We have enjoyed planning, esigning and building these developments with BeyondHousing. They have the best interest of their clients in mind when they are planning their properties.

They are wanting practical, high quality and efficient homes for people to live in and are wanting their clients to be comfortable and safe at home. It is great to be involved in projects that help people have a roof over their head no matter what circumstances they are in.

- Michelle Brown, Alatalo Bros

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