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Existing Tenants

BeyondHousing Tenancy Lease Agreements are covered under the Victorian Residential Tenancies Act. Tenancy booklets outlining your rights and responsibilities are provided to all tenants.

For more information, or to speak to your property manager, contact any office or view our Resources page.


Community Housing tenants pay a reduced rate of market rent and no more than 30% of their combined household income on rent. Tenants are required to provide updated household income information annually. Rent can be paid by Centrepay, BPAY, Direct Debit or at any BeyondHousing office.

For information about eligibility visit our Community Housing Eligibility page.



Certain conditions need to be met if you request to have a pet, such as compliance with local council registration requirements and if the pet is appropriate for the property. Some properties do not allow for pets. Please speak with your Property Manager.


BeyondHousing encourages safe, secure, harmonious neighbourhoods. Here are some things you can do to help you get on well with your neighbours.